Beontag manufacturing

Beontag invests over $60m in manufacturing facility in Ohio

IN THIS CONTENT TO LEARN ABOUT BEONTAG`S $60 MILLION INVESTMENT The factory will integrate RFID, linerless, and GLM operations under one roof.

Luke MartinDecember 13, 2023

Beontag manufacturing

ressure-sensitive adhesives and smart tags manufacturer Beontag is strengthening its foothold in North America with a substantial investment of more than $60m in a new manufacturing facility. 

The new location, situated in Dayton, Ohio, US, is anticipated to be fully operational by August 2024 and is poised to play a pivotal role in the company’s North American expansion.

The industrial building, spanning 200,000ft², will be home to approximately 200 employees, supporting Beontag’s commitment to job creation in the region.

Initially focused on graphic and label materials (GLM) functions, the facility will expand to incorporate radio-frequency identification (RFID) capabilities, serving the entire North American market.

Investment and operational excellence

Beontag said that over the next two years, it plans to channel its investment into equipment, machinery, and tenant improvements, aligning the factory with the highest international operational standards. 

The plant will facilitate an increase in production volumes, leveraging more efficient machinery such as coaters, slitters, and sheeters for roll label stock, catering to the roll converter market.


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Continued expansion in North America

Beontag’s foray into the North American market gained momentum in September 2022 with the acquisition of Technicote, a company boasting more than 40 years of expertise in the pressure-sensitive adhesives market. 

The upcoming merger of Technicote into Beontag US strengthens the company’s presence in the US market.

Ricardo Lobo, CEO of Beontag, expressed enthusiasm about the new facility, citing ambitious plans for US expansion.

“Beontag has made no secret of our ambitious plans for US expansion – which are dependent on state-of-the-art facilities, new and innovative equipment, strong infrastructure, and a great community of people. We’re very pleased to have found that in Dayton, Ohio and wish to thank the city and state offices that have helped make this ambition possible.”

In a bold move aimed at revitalizing the economy, Beontag has disclosed plans to infuse a substantial $60 million into Ohio’s manufacturing sector. Ohio, celebrated for its industrial heritage, stands at the threshold of transformation as Beontag undertakes the construction of a cutting-edge manufacturing facility. This considerable investment transcends mere financial support; it embodies a pledge to actualize aspirations, foster innovation, and shape the trajectory of Ohio’s manufacturing landscape.

The significance of Beontag’s initiative extends beyond the substantial monetary commitment, encompassing the potential it holds for local communities and the broader economy. The forthcoming manufacturing facility, a testament to Beontag’s visionary outlook, is poised to act as a catalyst for job creation, technological advancement, and heightened industrial capabilities.

As construction gets underway, the facility is designed to epitomize state-of-the-art technologies, propelling efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels. Beontag’s deliberate choice to establish this manufacturing hub in Ohio underscores the state’s strategic importance and its potential as a vibrant center for industrial innovation.

This investment signifies more than the construction of physical infrastructure; it represents a collaborative effort between Beontag and the community, nurturing a shared vision for sustainable economic growth. The injection of $60 million underscores Beontag’s confidence in Ohio’s ability to emerge as a hub of manufacturing excellence.

As the project unfolds, the positive outcomes are anticipated to extend beyond economic spheres, permeating the social fabric of the Buckeye State. Beontag’s dedication to responsible business practices is poised to create a lasting impact, illustrating how strategic investments can lay the groundwork for a more resilient and promising future. In the heart of Ohio, Beontag is not merely erecting a manufacturing facility; it is actively constructing dreams and paving the way for a prosperous manufacturing future.

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